Trackless Train

Trackless Train


All Aboard the
Trackless CHOO CHOO Train Express!


Our Trackless Train can add a valuable and unique experience to church or school functions, spring flings, fall festivals, and even children's birthday parties. Our train conductor will take your guests just about anywhere around your event, and the train doesn't need rails to get you there. It is a real trackless train ride and can be driven on any flat surface; grass, asphalt, or pavement. What does this mean for your passengers? Well, for starters, it means your attendees can go practically everywhere, and have an amazing adventure during their journey.

This is a fun ride for everyone from young children to adults young at heart. The Trackless CHOO CHOO Train Express is an especially enjoyable ride as it chugs, toots, and whistles around the perimeter of your event location, letting the passengers wave to friends and family as they pass on by. 

All Aboard Georgia's New Trackless Choo Choo Train Express! Children and adults will enjoy this trackless ride for many hours, so make sure to reserve enough time for all of your guests to experience multiple rides with magnificent fun! Everyone is going to love this popular attraction. If you choose to sell tickets for each ride, this will be a profitable addition to any carnival, festival, or fair.  

This Trackless Train will be staffed with our own O'Brien Productions' conductor, minimum 1-hour reservation required. please call our office at 770-422-7200 for pricing information.