Team Building - Cup Cake Decorating - Culinary Challenge

Cupcake Decorating


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Whether you are a baker at heart or a beginner in the kitchen, you will always learn something new at our Cupcake Decorating Classes. So gather your employees and let's get to piping!  

We’ll bring our mobile decorating stations to you and turn any room in your chosen venue into a fun Cupcake Decorating Shop. Although this class is popular during the holidays, with a large enough group, we can coordinate our decorating to your specific theme.

With an dollop of team building and a hefty cup full of fun, your group will learn different techniques to create tasty cupcakes. 


The Event Format

Each guest will decorate 6 cupcakes in a casual and fun atmosphere. Each station is preset with sculpting tools & cutters, fondant & rollers, plain cupcakes, vibrantly colored icings & more. Everything needed to decorate your cupcakes will be available. Our Head Decorator begins by showing you how to pipe icing and roll fondant. 

If you want to add some friendly competition, we can divide your group into teams.  Each team will decorate their own Pull-Apart cake (a grouping of cupcakes to form one large cake) and work as a team. Once the time is up, you will present your new creation to our Head Pastry Chef. You’ll be graded difficulty, creativity & appearance.