Cocktail Making Class

Team Building

Let's BeGin! No matter if you want a learn a few tricks to become the perfect host or you always wanted to try something new, this cocktail class will get you shaking & stirring in this tasty cocktail team building event! We'll bring our mobile mixing stations to you, to turn any room in your chosen venue into a crazy Cocktail Making Bar. This is one of our most popular indoor events especially on those rainy days.
The Event Format :
Our Head Mixologist begins by showing you how to master each technique. Your group will each make their own cocktail in this casual and fun atmosphere. Each station is preset with all tools, glassware, spirits, fruit juices, liqueurs, freshly sliced fruit, herbs, mixers, bitters and plenty of ice. Everything you will need to make your cocktail.

We often start with fan favorites: Cosmopolitan, Mojito, Margarita, Bloody Mary, B52, Long Island Iced Tea but jump in with seasonal drinks for everyone to enjoy. If you want to add some friendly competition, we can divide your group into teams. Each team will their own unique cocktail. You will work as a team to create a name and ad campaign slogan. Once the time is up, you'll present your new creation to our Head Mixologist. You will be graded on its name, the appearance, marketing, its originality and most, crucially the taste.

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With an infusion of team building and a hefty measure of fun, your group will use the techniques they learn to create three delicious cocktails. Naturally, we can also create some fantastic non-alcoholic cocktails to cater for any group.

With a completely mobile setup, we have run cocktail making events all across the southeast for over 30 years. So, let's have a chat to discuss potential venues near you.

O'Brien Productions has been offering team building activities to our clients for over 3 decades. From escape rooms to treasure hunts and cocktail making to outdoor survival training, there's so much to choose from these days, and O'Brien Productions can do it all! For your event, we will provide the experienced and knowledgeable staff to not only help design your event with you, but we also fully setup and cleanup once the Cocktail Making Class is over.

Our Event Managers encourage responsible shaking and stirring call us now at 770-422-7200 or click below and complete an online inquiry form and receive a proposal today. Must be over 21 to participate.
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