Movie Night Theme Party - Backyard Movie Party

Backyard Movie Package


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O'Brien Productions has several Movie Night Packages to choose from, but we are able to customize your event to meet your number of guests, budget requirements, and food and beverage concessions.  

The Backyard Movie Package is one of our most popular packages, especially for crowds up to 30 people. If you don’t have the room for one of our larger inflatable screens, this pull-down projection screen is perfect for any space and can be used indoors or out. 
Call us at 770-422-7200 and let us show you how we can throw a fabulous and memorable movie night for everyone in attendance!


The Backyard Movie Party includes: 

 ~ pull up screen
 ~ projector
 ~ sound system
 ~ dvd player   

We can add a few other extra services too, such as, bring in food trucks, offer different types of concession stands, or additional entertainment options before the movie, if you'd like. We can keep it a simple movie night in the park, or can add as many additional touches as you would like. The options are endless -- just let us know what you need and we'll make it  happen!

Our event specialists will not only help you design a fun filled event for your guests, but we will set up and take down the screen, decorations, and equipment needed for your special party.