Inflatables - Boxing Ring Arena - option #1

Boxing Ring Arena Inflatable #1

    • Actual Size: 9H x 18'W x 18'L - 290 lbs.
    • Setup Area: Flat
    • Outlets: 120 AMP
    • Age Group: 8 years and older
    • Attendants: 1



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Step inside the ring & experience our
Boxing Ring Bounce House!

Are you ready to RUMMMMBBBLLLEEE?  Then put on our giant boxing gloves and meet your opponent.  If you are knocked down, you will fall on a cushion of air, mesh surrounds all four sides for your safety so that no one is knocked out of the ring.  

The Objective ~

To knock down your opponent using the large over-sized gloves.

The most common game is to play 1 on 1 until a champion is crowned.  Prizes can be incorporated for hitting a certain number of tasks, so everyone has a reward. This rental comes with 2 sets of big boxing gloves.

This inflatable is fun to box, bounce, and tumble in and hilarious to watch ringside. Grab your popcorn and be prepared to laugh.