Inflatables - Birdie Ball Golf

BirdieBall Golf Inflatable

    • Actual Size: 8' Tall X 8' Wide X 10' Deep - 45 lbs.
    • Setup Area: Flat
    • Outlets: 120 AMP
    • Age Group: 8 and up
    • Attendants: 1


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Do you want to have one of our ridiculously popular BirdieBall Inflatable Targets at your next event? Creating endless hours of entertainment, we can provide you with everything you need to put on a unique and extremely fun party.  This event challenge game will garner lots of attention and light up the eyes of true golf lovers. With BirdieBall Golf, you play by seeing how good you are at putting the BirdieBall into the scoring holes. You can keep score and see who the best chipper really is!
Great for fundraisers, golf tournaments, business parties, junior golf camps, hole-in-one competitions, college events, golf theme parties and more! The possibilities are endless and so much fun!  Tee up and get your next special event a swinging.  Don't forget to add a bounce house rental for the little ones.

BIRDIEBALL GOLF - What is it?  It is an inflatable golf skill game and challenge.  Using a wedge, players chip little plastic “birdies” at the various holes and try to score points. With four holes running down the center of the "green" and sand traps located on either side of the most difficult hole, you determine the number of points scored for each of the four colored holes.  The game can be used with BirdieBalls using a full swing, even indoors, or with real golf balls for a 'chip shot' game.  Pretend, just for a moment, you’re at the PGA Championship standing with the likes of Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson.