Inflatable - Hamster Ball & Collision Course

Hamster Ball & Collision Course

    • Actual Size: 7'H x 33'W x 100'L - 537 lbs.
    • Setup Area: Flat
    • Outlets: required
    • Age Group: 5 years and older
    • Attendants: 2



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Finally, a race track that not only protects the players, but is an absolute blast! The Hamster Ball and Crisscross Collision Course is 100' long and has nearly 250' of racing lane action. The game can accommodate 2 spheres at a time, and is filled with loads of obstacles and varied terrains. 
For an added splash, the Collision Course has four water traps that can be filled with a couple of inches of water that add a whole new dimension to the game!  When the player switches from the dry track to the water trap, they hydroplane over the water and can lose traction allowing them to slow down and lose momentum, causing them to spin without gaining ground. 
 The Hamster Ball & Collision Course is a hit at any event. Great for birthday parties, Fall Festivals, College Events, and so much more!