H.O.A. & Country Club

With over 30 years of event planning, venue selection, and full-service event production under our belts, O'Brien Productions is always ready to deliver the carnival of your dreams at your neighborhood or Country Club! Whether it's your first small carnival or a huge neighborhood celebration, we have got you covered from the permits, safety checks, rides, food, entertainment, linens, carnival decor, parking, security, and tents. Next time you need to create a neighborhood or Country Club carnival, you can bet that our O'Brien Productions event designers has got your back!
Now, when throwing a large scale party, it's possible to provide guests with all kinds of different games to play and rides to ride. There are giant water slides, challenging rock climbing walls with quad jumps, even crazy obstacle course competitions.

Creating your very own carnival is almost as fun as attending one when you can choose from one of the largest inventories of inflatables, games, and activities. You can bring the thrills with interactive items like our Human Gyroscope or an adrenaline rush with our Rock Climbing Wall, and so much more when you browse through our carnival rentals, carnival games, and carnival decor!

We all know the saying: "Rome wasn't built in a day" and that saying does hold true for many things in life but not when it comes to our carnivals. We can build a carnival right before your eyes in a matter of hours. No matter how big or small, whether you need a carnival for a few hours for closing of your neighborhood pool, or a couple of days for a round-robin tennis tourney, our event planning specialists have assembled countless carnivals and events in just a matter of hours all around the Southeast. How is this possible? Throughout our three decades of working in the event and entertainment industry, we have had the pleasure of creating thousands of large events. We know an event is only as good as those who are working behind the scenes and we know exactly what it takes to create a knockout one of a kind event.

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Provide our event planners with your yearly neighborhood or Country Club calendar and sit back and watch how we can produce one-of-a-kind parties. We have an abundance of experience in all types events and O'Brien Productions knows not only how to get your residents and customers to attend, but most importantly, we know how to get them to mark their calendars and return for all your future events.

With over 3 decades in event planning, we bring FUN everywhere we go. We understand how important it is for an event to be successful, and ultimately, valuable and stress-free for you. O'Brien Productions is here to give you the best experience and our event designers will be happy to meet with you to develop and lay out a plan to create a turnkey H.O.A. or Country Club event that will be the talk of the neighborhood.

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