Grill - Double Burner  - Gas Propane - Outdoor Stove Grill

Duel Burner Propane Outdoor Stove Grill


Our duel propane stove is perfect for on-the-go cooking when bringing friends, family, employees, or residents together for some adventurous outdoor fun. With 2 burners, you are able to prepare double the dishes at one time. The versatile stove packs enough power in its double burners to boil a large stockpot for a shrimp or crawfish boil and cook other dishes on the second burner simultaneously.  


Whether you're tailgating at the football stadium, cooking out at your company picnic, or celebrating at a neighborhood gathering, we are sure to have every catering and concession rental needed for a successful event. 


Why not rent or 60 or 100 gallon Stock Pots too, and don't forget to add concessions like our popcorn machine and frozen drink machine.