Carnival Prizes

Prizes for Carnival Games



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O'Brien Productions can offer a wide range of prizes depending upon your budget and theme. Step right up and win a prize! Everyone is a winner!  

O'Brien Productions can provide a multitude of prizes appropriate for your theme, from small trinkets to big prizes! A variety of novelty toys is the biggest hit. The kids love winning rings, planes, yo-yos, stickers, stamps, pencils, etc. They will be excited to bring all of the fun prizes they win home.
Cute plush toys are always a popular prize that guests compete to win! These cute animals are available in a variety of colors and sizes, and include dogs, dolphins, giraffes, elephants, and bears.

Whether it's a fall festival, luau, or a superhero party, O'Brien Productions' expert planner will make sure your party theme is carried through with all the prizes, too!