Carnivals and Fairs

Planning a School Carnival or Family Fun Day for a Church Fair?  O’Brien Productions is your one stop shop for your upcoming carnivals and fairs.  We provide everything from games, rides, prizes, tents, tables, and fun food.

carnivals and fairs


Arcade Tent: This area is set with bumper pool, ping-pong table, electric darts, video games, and more for hours of fun for all who play.

Carnival Games: All games are inside red or blue booths and come complete with unlimited consolation prizes. Sample list of games: 7-11, duck pond, hit the tiger, ring toss, golf putt, hockey, basketball, etc.

Carnival Rides: This is what you would normally see at a county fair. This is great if you are planning on having more than 8,000 people at your party, because it will move people through the activities quickly.

carnivals and fairs

Children Carnival Rides– Airplane, Train, Bun Buggies, Motorcycles, Car, Boat, Elephant, Roller Coaster

Adults Carnival Rides– Ferris Wheel, Sizzler, Swinger, Himalaya, Loop, Superslide, Spook House, Fun House, Carousel

Carnivals and Fairs bring the kid out in us all!

Door Prizes: All guests love the opportunity to win a prize. All prizes are great quality and include: coolers, beach towels, tickets to events, electronic radio, etc.

Family Photos: Complete with Polaroid pictures, frames, photographer and funny backdrop to put your guest face inside.

Prize Package: Prizes such as bubbles, coloring books, yo-yo, Frisbee, puzzles, small stuffed animals, inflatable, etc.

carnivals and fairs

Prize Package-Deluxe: Prizes range from large stuffed animals, giant sunglasses, large inflatable, games, etc.

Scavenger Hunt: Everyone receives a list of things to find. The first one back with all the items wins a prize.

Wacky Family Relay Games: Your guest will surely enjoy the fun relay races of sack races, water balloon toss, egg toss, tug of war, just to name a few. This event comes complete with event decoration and event staff.